Sunday, 20 November 2011

Celebrities Who Suffer From Acne ... Really Exist?

Is there such thing as a celebrity who suffers from acne?

At first, it seems ... But it's just a myth - there really are celebrities out there who suffer from acne!

Many people envy those who have reached celebrity status. They are considered rich and powerful ... glamorous and sometimes even a little super-human.

When you see them on TV, in movies or in glossy magazines for men always look strong and beautiful women look beautiful.

Rarely do we get to see these celebrities in the comfort and privacy of their own home when they wake up in the morning. No doubt the envious population would change their options somewhat knowing that almost no one is particularly glamorous at that time of day.

Cosmetic methods, technologies and advanced photo editing can easily make people younger, thinner and magically cover errors such as freckles, scars and acne. This is exactly what the producers of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire had to do.

The three young stars - Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter, 15. Rupert Grint who plays Ron Weasley, Emma Watson 17 and 15, who plays Hermione Granger - have broken with acne forcing the film makers of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to use special effects to hide their imperfections the skin.

Celebrities face the same problems as the rest of us, acne is one of them. Britney Spears, Judith Light, Stephanie Seymour and Elle Macpherson have discussed publicly how they have suffered and have corrected their acne problem.

Thus, not only helped, but millions of other acne sufferers around the world - are proof that acne treatments.

Acne problem has not gone overnight, it takes time. But when you start to see improvement in your condition is very likely that you will start to feel like a celebrity, too!