Sunday, 20 November 2011

Different Types Of Acne Treatments - Acne Cystic

Acne can range in severity from a relatively small number of whites, to a proliferation of cysts and nodules, which can be physically painful as they are psychologically upsetting.

Severe cystic acne can be resistant to most treatments, and treatment of cystic acne that can cause side effects that are as outrageous as the state itself. For many suffering from this form of acne, however, refuses treatment, not an option, then here are some things to know before undergoing your cystic acne treatment.

Causes of cystic acne are, like other conditions associated with the production of more sebaceous glands of the skin. There remains no definitive cure for all types of acne, and the way in which available treatments work is not entirely clear. Treatment of cystic acne can be difficult - severe cystic acne usually lasts about current treatments, and some drugs that are commonly used, such as tetracycline. Cystic acne can be very shocking for the sick, especially cystic acne in women, and also to treat the condition may be severe, is usually a value through happily.

The tool most commonly in the treatment of cystic acne is Accutane, or isotretinoin. Although it is a very effective treatment for severe cystic acne, can cause unwanted side effects. Here are some tips for you ease through your treatment:

Accutane has an extremely dry, resulting in chapped lips and dry eyes. You might want to make sure you wear a lip balm with you effective at any time during treatment and contact lens wearers may find it more comfortable to return to wearing glasses for the duration of treatment.

Accutane can also cause muscle aches - gentle exercise can help, but be sure to rest regularly.

Accutane can have adverse effects on cholesterol levels and lead to the production of an abnormal liver. Accutane can also cause depression. Report changes in your mood or your general health and the doctor.

Accutane can have extremely harmful effects on a developing fetus, therefore you should not become pregnant while taking this medicine. Make sure to use contraception at any time during treatment.

Cystic acne treatment can undoubtedly give rise to certain side effects, but they must all disappear once treatment is completed. And for the many patients who completed treatment, the results were wonderful worthwhile.